Enjoy fresh air and energy savings when you hire Spark to upgrade ventilation for your commercial building or kitchen.

We specialize in demand-control ventilation, which automatically adjusts the rate of airflow based on factors such as the number of people in the space or the temperature under a commercial hood. We calculate required ventilation rates, design wiring, equipment and ducting layouts, source and install equipment, and program controls to make everything work well together.

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A typical Spark building ventilation project includes an energy-recovery ventilator which recovers up to 40% of the energy in an airstream by placing incoming and outgoing airstreams adjacent to each other so that heat flows from the warmer airstream to the cooler airstream. Most projects also include sensors that monitor conditions such as carbon dioxide concentrations, which indicate how many people are actively using a space.

We’ve also developed an affordable and effective Hood Tamer for commercial kitchens, which automatically modulates airflow through a hood and makeup air system based on the temperature under the hood. When little cooking is being done, the hood and makeup air unit can run at a lower rate, saving energy.

Whether you need the right amount of fresh air in your building, or a cost-effective hood solution to exhaust fumes from your commercial kitchen, Spark can save you time and money with a more efficient ventilation system.

We’re happy to update any commercial building or kitchen within a 90-minute drive of South Portland, Maine.

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