Heat Pumps

If you are planning new commercial construction, or a significant renovation that will take your building down to studs, we’d love to talk with you about heat pumps as part of your HVAC strategy. Our service area is any commercial building within a 90-minute drive of South Portland, Maine.

Call us now at (207) 200-4685 or email us at hello@sparkae.com to see if there’s a good match between your needs and our capabilities.

Save time, energy and money with high-efficiency cold-climate heat pumps installed by Spark in new commercial construction or as part of a comprehensive efficiency package.

For new construction, hire us to calculate heating and cooling loads, plan circuits and line sets, specify, procure and install heat pump equipment, and set up and program controls. You can also hire us for service and support, including heat pump cleaning, troubleshooting and repair.

Please email fred@sparkae.com or call us at (207) 200-4685 and ask for Fred.

Residential Heat Pumps

As a rule, Spark does commercial work only. We refer residential projects (single family homes or small apartment buildings with three or fewer units) to True North Energy Services, formerly known as ReVision Heat.

Heat Pumps for Existing Buildings

Spark no longer installs heat pumps as a standalone retrofit project.

For existing buildings that need to add just one or two heat pumps at a time, we refer out to specialists who focus on affordable heat pump installations. Adding a heat pump to an existing building is a labor-intensive process, usually with severe constraints on equipment placement. Furthermore, it generally doesn’t require the efficiency analysis that Spark brings to a project.

If you’re adding a standalone heat pump (i.e., one that runs off its own control, is designed to maintain temperature in one room, and does not need to coordinate with your ventilation system) to supplement your existing heating and cooling system, we recommend soliciting bids from several heat pump vendors and selecting one that meets your budget and schedule.

We do particularly recommend True North Energy Services, formerly known as ReVision Heat, since one of our founders also founded ReVision Heat.

Heat Pumps for New Construction

Spark does install heat pumps for new commercial construction, and for comprehensive renovation projects that take a building down to studs.

In this case, our efficiency analysis adds value. We will size your units correctly, and we handle installation, service and support. We also will help you meet noise and other local ordinances.

Some of your biggest efficiency gains are made possible by demand-control ventilation in conjunction with cold-climate heat pumps. We’d love to talk with you about your HVAC strategy early on in your construction process so we can help you plan system design and layout to minimize cost and maximize value.

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